I have been a professional artist for over 30 years.  I am a figurative mixed media painter and printmaker but within this foundation is a quest for the psychodynamics of the work – the need to see beyond and yet, realize the moment and uncover the layers.  My subject matter ranges from still life, landscape,  theatre, and personalized interiors- I am deeply moved by color and light and form. You can visit my online portfolio and biography by clicking here. While my artistic adventures have taken me to so many exciting venues;  backstage as the unofficial artist of Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, (2000 – 2010),  a solo show in Florence, Italy (2010), as an artist in residence at the Banff Centre (Leighton Colony),  (2011),   to Vietnam and Cambodia, (2012) and recently to India (2013), my heart remains where I live, in Montreal, Quebec.


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  1. Hi Lynda.

    That’s my mothers name. I am so sorry I could not spend time with you as I was serving someone. Your work looks amazing also. I am very impressed. I had a hard decision to make very early on in my career and that was to follow the classic route as you have or take a chance and break new ground altogether in new mediums. I hope one day we will meet again and can talk about art. Your enthusiasm for my life’s work was well noted and I for yours. I actually have to say I wish I could do exactly what you do but I knew there was only one life time and that’s exactly what it takes to achieve what we have.

    Your artist always


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