Nov. 30, Driving back to Cusco…to fly to Lima.

Blog Chin. 1Along the route back to Cusco (in order to get on the plane to Lima), we learnt that there were three rules for the Tiawanakus tribe of Lake Titicaca:  don’t lie, don’t steal, don’t be lazy.  These were rules that were made in relationship to members of a community, rather like a collective unconscious barter system of labour and goods.  We also learnt that the river that ran through the Sacred Valley was called Willkamayu in Quechua, and that it was sacred like the sun, the moon, the wind, the rainbows and the rain.   In the temples that we had visited throughout were literal links to these elements by virtue of the fountains and circular walls and alters, etc. created in order to worship these natural elements. This all seemed to make sense to me as now I had actually seen this for myself. But all discussion stopped when we arrived at a marvellous village market of native sellers and stalls in Chincherra.  Again, the colors took my breath away…

Blog Chin. Bec 3 Blog, Chin. me 2


Blog Chin. Women

Blog Chin grass stalls


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