Nov. 29, Machu Pichu and the Sun Gate.

I really didn’t want to.  No, not at all.  But Becky insisted that we go on the Inca Trail to the Sun Gate.  Really easy hike, she said… WHAT DID SHE KNOW??  But I did it, and I was applauded at the end.  It was all worth it and a lovely way to end our adventure at Machu Pichu.  The view was breath taking and now we can say we really did hike the Inca Trail…Blog MP Ready to go

Blog MP leaving the city Blog MP on the trail Bec Blog MP onthe trail me


Blog MP We made it to the top

Blog MP looking way down

We left the same way we had come, by the Vista Dome train, saying goodbye to the Cloud Rain Forest and it’s flowers, all of which I will remember for future paintings…Blog MP going back on train

Blog MP Flower 3 Blog MP Flower 4 Blog MP flower 5 Blog MP Lily Flower2



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