Blog MP Train 2Blog Machu P. train 1There are no roads to Machu Pichu.  Only trains.  We took the Vista Dome train, and it was like being on a Disney World ride though the jungle, no, correction from biologist daughter, THE CLOUD RAIN FOREST.  Gliding through the Andean mountains being served a lovely snack on a Peruvian table runner.  I may have cried.  Twice. Blog MP Arriving there Walking into the excavated city of Machu Pichu high on a mountain top is like walking into a post card.  Breathtaking soaring mountains surround this ancient city.   Huge perfectly positioned and cut granite boulders form walls that had enclosed temples and rooms.  Vast terraced green lawns used for agriculture descend from all sides.  Immaculately kept,  clouds hanging just above you. Llamas paraded by like this was their territory.  If you don’t move, they will shove you aside.


Blog MP We're thereBlog MP 2 of us on topBlog MP Cloud Rain ForestBlog MP plaques Blog MP Us two amidst mtsBlog MP me on top Blog MP terraces


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