Nov. 27 Pisac Market!

Daughter Rebecca as guest editor of this entry has this profound description to impart…  “Here in the Sacred Valley, people come from far and wide to go to holy places, to visit with shamen, to spiritually regroup and enjoy the peacefulness.  We found our spiritual wholeness by spending the day shopping in the Pisac market.  I reached my height of enlightenment when I purchased a gorgeous hand embroidered table runner with colourful flowers.” Blog Pisac 5Blog Pisac 1Blog Pisac 3Blog Pisac 2 CornBlog PIsac 4 me and woolThe Incas were great artists in their creation of textiles made from the wool of animals such as Llamas and Alpacas.  Looms were used with all kinds of knotting and warps.  I loved watching them.  Could be my next project!!Blog Pisac, Women, lambsBlog Pisac end of day Blog Pisac Lundh


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