Nov. 26 Salt Mines of Maras and the Amphitheater in Moray

Today we left the city to travel through the Sacred Valley of the Incas.  The Urubamba River flows amidst the mountains and the hour drive led us first to the Salt Mines of Maras.  Only photos can explain the terraces through which the subterranean water flows in orderly and controlled ways…Amazing!  Blog Salt #1 Blog Salt #3 Blog, Salt #2Blog salt MENext we went to Moray…the archeological site of the “Agricultural laboratory of Moray”.  It has circular terraces which are oriented to the wind and the sun and vary in degrees, in order to cultivate different plants at different temperatures.  Seeing is believing!!Blog Moray 1Blog Moray 2


Ollantaytambo was next on our Sacred Valley tour, considered the only living Inca city in South America.  There were huge Inca terraces guarding a spectacular Inca fortress – did I have to climb it, you bet! says Rebecca.  All the way up to the ceremonial centre where stone was quarried from a mountain side 6 km alway… This was the Machu Pichu climbing/testing grounds for me.  I did it in a snap.  I was wearing running shoes and sensible hiking-ish clothing, Becky continued to look like a model every where she went.  Blog Olean Fortress 1aBlog, Ollean Fortresse 1Blog Ollean fortress 3 Blog Ollean Fortress Bec &me Blog Ollean Fortress Bec Blog Ollean Political AdNo billboards per se, ads for political parties are painted on the walls of homes.  And they are painted every where!


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