Nov. 23 Lima and the Larco Museum

Apparently no trip to Lima would be complete without two important sites: the Monasterio de San Franciso, and the Museo Larco.  SKELETONS AND EROTICA!  (In that order.)  The Monastery of San Francisco, bright yellow on the outside, and beautiful, but inside, deep in the catacombs are the bones of an estimated 70,000 remains.

Bl. #2 San Fran. MonasteryBl. #2 San Fran. M. BonesNext came the Larco Museum surrounded by plants and flowers that were a feast to the eye.  Bougainvilleas every where!! The walkway to the museum overflowed with them, so dramatic and beautiful.  Inside were ceremonial clay pots and jewellery from the height of the Inca Empires and more…erotica pottery.  In all shapes and sizes.  In all positions.  More than you can imagine.  Way more. My father did a series of erotic sculptures when he was 70.  I guess I’ll wait 10 years for my series.Bl. #2 Museo Larco #3 Bl. #2 Museo Larco #5 Bl. #2 Museo Larco Erotica Bl.#2 Museo Larco #2


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