Nov. 21 – Dec. 2, 2014 PERU AND MACHU PICHU! We began in Lima…

Me and Bec in Machu Pichu#1My youngest daughter Rebecca and I embarked on another adventure, this time to South America.  Combining her biologist/conservation/educator profession and mine as an artist, I learnt to see things differently.  Our introduction to Lima was the  ruin near our hotel in Miraflores, called “Huaca Pucllana” built by people of the Lima culture around the 5th century A.D.  The site was considered a “Nawpallacta”: an ancient sacred place.  Small adobe bricks were made by hand and placed in vertical rows.  The effect was pure symmetry . The restaurant on site was an unintentional find:  Lima is becoming one of the culinary capitals of the world. The food was absolutely deliBl.#1 Lima;adobe brickscious.  Rebecca had her first ceviche – delicately marinated raw fish. Bl.#1 Model brick maker

Bl.#1 Restaurant on site

Ceviche at the Huaca PpucThe next day, we walked through the old part of Lima.  Plaza des Armas, for example, with it’s original fountain, has it’s own story.  Every year on July 27th, it is filled with Pisco Sour, for every one to enjoy.  Or so they say..Bl #1 Old LIma architecture Bl#1 Old Lima DoorwayBl. #1 ME & B. in Old LimaBl#1 Place des Armas


The architecture is a type of neo-colonial style, with a Moorish influence.  I will learn later on in the trip that Peru consists of many cultures, blending from the Incas, Spaniards, Chinese, and so many more.  The buildings in Old Lima reflected this.  I started thinking about paintings with these brightly coloured buildings and delicately carved wooden balconies.



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