Nov. 30 Agra to Jaipur by car

The five and half hour drive from Agra to Jaipur was delightful, like driving through a movie – brightly coloured saris on women laughing on the back of a truck…  camels.. and best of all marble cutting and inlay places all along the road.  Of course I had to get that hammer and chisel in my hand…Agra to Jaipur, marketAgra to Jaipur, DonkeysAga to Jaipur, Fresh VegetablesAgra to Jaipur, Woman carries a heavy loadAgra to Jaipur, Women laughing on the back of a truckAs I knelt down to carve,  all the memories of my workshop days with Stanley Lewis, lively stone sculpture teacher at the Saidye Bronfman Centre in Montreal, and advisor to Irving Stone’s “The Agony and the Ecstasy”. Agra to Jaipur, Marble carvingAgra to Jaipur, Hindu Gods at TemplyAgra to Jaipur, HIndu God #2


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