Nov. 27 Agra and the Taj Mahal

It’s like walking into a post card.  But even more grand.  The marble is so white.  The details overwhelm.  Learning about the art of inlaying precious and semi precious stones, still done today but only by a handful of family descendants who know the secrets of the procedure and the guarded glue recipe.  The Taj Mahal grounds are spotless.  An oasis amidst the chaos.India, Agra, The Taj Mahal, me and TamIndia, Agra, Taj Mahal in all it's GloryAgra has approx. 1.6 million people with a decaying third world infrastructure, but they are trying to rebuild.  Driving mere miles is hazardous, horns blowing, cars, motorcycles, tuk tuks, bicycles, camels, cows, and people in a steady stream with no apparent order.  But there is great beauty in the sheer exotic nature of it all.

I will never get enough of the saris..

I will never get enough of the saris..

India, Agra, Carving in Marble Taj MahalIndia, Agra, Decendants of Stone Carvers, Taj MahalIndia, Agra, Inlay of semi precious stones

India, Agra, Taj Mahal so white!

Next up: Agra Fort.  My reading for this trip is a series of historical fiction novels by Indu Sundaresan, so I felt like I was back in the 16th century of the Mughal empire, reliving what I had read about the Agra Fort.  It’s spectacular.

India, Agra, Agra Fort EntranceInida, Agra, Agra Fort ArchwaysIndia, Agra, Agra Fort Tam and meIndia, Agra, Taj From Agra Fort


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