Dec. 1, The Pink City of Jaipur

Walking around Jaipur, founded in 1727 and called the Pink City, one might see shades of deep oranges and paler reds, and golds and diffused yellows, rather than pink.  There are larger roads here, lined with bazar-like shops selling everything.  All this was  punctuated by amazing architecture like the “Howa Mahal”  which was constructed for the Royal Harem to observe daily life, without being seen. 
Jaipur, Howa Mahal
Shops lining roads in JaipurJaipur, Row of shopsWhat I marvelled at was the architecture of this city, the woodwork almost looked lacy, delicate, ornate but not over powering, I love it.  I love Jaipur.

The stops that nourished my artistic needs were as follows:  First, a textile co-operative on Old Amer Road.  I learnt how the textile industry came about and how fabric is printed upon today, in the old ways still.  Harkening back to my beginnings as a print maker, I am always on the lookout for new ways of incorporating printing styles in my work…
Jaipur, Printing on a Table clothJaipur, Printing multiple colors

Jaipur, I made a print!

Jaipur, Weaving a RugJaipur, Rug PatternsSecond, we went to a painting collective, The Khajana Art Gallery, specializing in miniature painting.  I watched intensely as an artist painted an elephant with single hairs of his brush to represent the hairs of the elephants back, then wrote our names on a piece of rice.  Talk about excellent eye sight!!  I had to use my reading glasses to make out the perfectly written names.  What dexterity! What skill!!Jaipur, Painting MiniaturesJaipur, Painting on a piece of riceOur first day in Jaipur was filled with the arts and color…Jaipur, Artist with his workJaipur, Driving in the Old City #1


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