Nov. 24 – Dec. 4, 2013. Yet Another Artistic Adventure Begins: India!!

Here’s a preview of my adventures in India – get ready!!!

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Delhi: It’s a cacophony of noise: horns beeping constantly, people shouting. And  a riot of color: bright saris every where, vibrantly coloured crumbling walls and buildings.  And India; On a Tuk Tuk in Old DelhiIndia; Women in Old Delhi a pervasive smell: pungent scents of spices, fruit and vegetables fresh and rotting on the ground, with cows and pigs rooting through it all. Unhurried, despite the chaos.   We walked through the congested allies of Old Delhi, amidst the throngs of people, bicycles, tuk tuks,  motorcycles, cars, animals… Welcome to India!!

The marigold is woven into wreaths and given as offerings to the Hindu Gods and Goddesses because of it’s beauty, it’s fragrance and the fact that it does not attract insects.  You see them in huge bags in the market areas…India- Marigolds in Old Delhi


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