Dec. 2, The Day Continues in Jaipur

Jaipur Hotel FlowersThe colors of Jaipur never cease to amaze me.  We are always greeted at the front entrance to our hotel with flowers in a circular dish.  Driving or walking around Jaipur, one sees pastel coloured crumbling walls and still more cows and pigs.  Children of JaipurChildren are playing on rubble and garbage.  But amidst the debris, the colors remain, making me wonder if returning home is going to be a beige experience…Colors of Jaipur #2Colors of Jaipur #3Colors of Jaipur #1

It was exciting walking through the open bazars, and just by happenstance, I managed to find the very old and detailed wood blocks I was looking for, already imagining in my mind the prints I would make with them.  The small store was called the “Rajasthan Cottage Industries” at Tripolia Gate, but I found out one can find them tucked away in many places. Jaipur, Finding the Wooden Blocks for PrintsWe also visited the Jantar Mantar Observatory, which was a mix of an astounding collection of architectural astronomical instruments that measure time, predicts eclipses, tracks stars and planets locations and much more.  It was built by a Rajput King from 1727 to 1734.  We walked through it all amazed.

Observatory sign, JaipurObservatory Sun DialObservatory and me


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