Siem Reap, Cambodia, Nov. 12

On the bucket list of  the peak experiences of life is Angkor Wat.  This complex of temples in Siem Reap makes an ancient art lover of everyone, and I was overwhelmed. The scope and magnitude of these temples underscored that beauty is still beauty over the centuries. From the intricate carvings of the dancing women in sandstone to the rows of elephants and lions and demons, to the towers embedded with engravings, all punctuated with monks in saffron coloured robes, I couldn’t get enough.


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One response to “Siem Reap, Cambodia, Nov. 12

  1. Karen Esbin Robins

    Wonderful, glorious pictures! To experience such an inspirational trip and with your Daughter is such a blessing. May you enjoy exploring and creating in health and peace for many many moons.

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