Angkor Thom and more temples, and a Farewell!!! Nov. 14

The sweltering, humid, over powering heat did nothing to stop me!! I imagined I was Lara Croft in the Jungle Temple and sketched the giant roots as they overwhelmed the towers.  I climbed to the top of Angkor Wat,  I talked to the monks who posed for me and learnt about the here and now of Buddism.  I found dancers before a performance in costumes and they allowed me to photograph them.  I searched for the lotus ponds in bloom and visited a butterfly farm.  My photos bear witness as do my water color sketches.  I was in heaven.

This was to be one of our last days of our glorious  trip.  Please look at my entries starting  from Nov. 2,  (there’s 7 in all), to experience my complete journey in Vietnam and Cambodia.  And stay tuned for my next blog entry where I will show how the photo references and experiences I have written about will make their presence known in my new work. Here I will present an anatomy of a painting: my process.  And now – time to create!!!


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One response to “Angkor Thom and more temples, and a Farewell!!! Nov. 14

  1. Renee

    The pictures are remarkable. Particularly of note are the exquisite colors throughout! I can only imagine that your are bursting with ideas…I am even more excited now to see how they transfer into your newest work!

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