Sensory Overload Hanoi Style, Nov. 3

ImageWhat series to plan first? How about brides posing in multi-colored gowns in the centre of Hanoi, while women are chopping off fish heads to sell in the many vibrant markets all around the city? The local markets have the freshest of the fresh, from herbs to eel to rice products. The noise, the mayhem, the colors!! Or the hoards of motorcycles and scooters that bombard the streets without any regard to lights, stop signs, or pedestrians. No yielding, no rational order, yet all orchestrated as in a slow ballet of the Hanoi traffic. (Credit for the “slow ballet” phrase to our cook book author, restauranteur, and guide Daniel Hoyer And then to top it all off, a traditional water puppet show! And I had begun my watercolors as memories of the atmosphere, the smells and the colors…



Filed under 2012 - Vietnam / Cambodia

2 responses to “Sensory Overload Hanoi Style, Nov. 3

  1. Valerie

    Wow. πŸ™‚ Gorgeous

  2. Janice

    πŸŒ·πŸ’— want to see your work! Beautiful!

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