Farewell to the Leighton Artists’ Colony and to the Banff Centre

I would say it was the time of my life.  I had experiences I never would have had other wise, met people who touched my heart, and came to look at the making of art in an entirely different way.  I think I might approach my work a little differently now.  I might approach my life a little differently,  in time.  I feel I should end my blog now, with the hope that those interested will check my web page –  www.lyndasg.ca-  from time to time to see if a new show is on the horizon or a new blog is about to begin.  I want to thank you all for your support, and due to the statistics from this blog, it seemed like a lot of people cared enough to “tune in”.  That has made me so happy!!  I always appreciate and learn from feedback, so if any one feels like it, please communicate with me through this blog or  my website.  So long for now…



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2 responses to “Farewell to the Leighton Artists’ Colony and to the Banff Centre

  1. Hi Lynda. Nice to meet you . Thanks for visiting me at the workshop.
    I like yours art and your Blog. Congratulations! See you soon!

  2. Karen Esbin Robins

    I so enjoyed my mini adventure with you through your website and blog.
    Your work has undoubetdly bloomed from the earlier works that I knew and I so appreciate your style, energy and passion. To see how your Art meshes with your experiences, travels , Family, Friendships, and interests is revealing and refreshing. Exciting. I wish you continued success and may those roads travelled, and the new ones bekoning, keep bearing inspiration and fruit.

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