I’m Having a Show!

It’s a great accomplishment for me (28 paintings and drawings) but next to Jane Goodall’s presentation Friday night, I feel quite small.  What an inspiration she is and to hear her speak about her “Roots and Shoots” program around the world, is to understand how effectively she has spread her message about environmental, community and spiritual consciousness.  Then there was also Lavinia Meijer’s (the harp musician from The Netherlands) self directed repertoire in part about abused and drug addicted women, executed with such passion.  And, after last night, I am a new fan of Jesse Cook and his Latin styled music!  Not to mention that I am currently, and late into the night,  making pastel studies of the Alberta Ballet dancers whose energy and dedication and beauty will hopefully blossom into paintings for another show in the future…



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7 responses to “I’m Having a Show!

  1. Jane Rothschild

    I can’t believe you’re going into your last week! Wish I could be there to see your show-I will come to Montreal and hopefully see your new pieces there. Enjoy your last few days!

  2. jayne

    The invitation looks amazing! Has this not been…like..the bestest creative experience…or what!

  3. And the love keeps coming from those I love!! Thank you Jane and Jayne, I am so sad to be leaving this glorious place!

  4. Gigi Grayson

    stunning work and admirable achievement. love what you’re creating … hope to see it all live and in person!

  5. susan

    what a way to end a magical time.
    well done sister!
    looking forward to hearing more stories- and seeing the paintings in person

  6. Carrie

    Look at you beaming and surrounded by such an extraordinary collection of your creation.So happy you’ve had an experience of a lifetime and been touched and shared special moments with so many artists.Congratulations for your show and you deserve a standing ovation !

  7. Valerie

    Hey, Lynda. 🙂 I’m in Montreal for the summer. I saw your magazine article a little while back when I was visiting. Very impressive!
    Take care, Valerie

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