Sensory Overload

I went to Calgary yesterday to see a wonderful gallery, came back just in time for “Country and Western Hour” sung by the Icelanders with a bit of performance art thrown in and we all couldn’t stop laughing at the absurdity and fun of it all, then topped it off with a glass of wine at the Bistro with my artist friend Jeanne Krabbendam, woke up to find that the  Alberta Ballet  Company was in the Eric Harvey Theatre making a film of  a previous ballet performance based on Elton John’s songs, and I was given the gracious and kind permission to take photos of the dancers for paintings,yet, in the midst of this great honor, I was running to the Music and Sound Building to take photos of a rehearsal of Lavinia Meijer playing the harp so beautifully that I cried, after which some dancers came to pose in my studio.  I think that says it all.


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  1. Maxine Shapiro Rosenblatt

    You have been exposed to so many new stimuli it must be difficult to stay focused on any subject matter. I know it will be a valuable and rewarding experience that will take your art work to a new level and dimension.

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