“If we are not back by 5:50, call us in.”

And so began my wonderful adventure of a canoe trip along Bow River, “putting in” at Castle Mountain, running the Red Earth Creek rapids, and “taking out” at Massive Mountain, you know, where the CP rail has a “siding” there (parallel set of tracks to park a train).  It was so glorious to be out on the river – “watch out for sweepers!” (trees that have fallen cross wise along the river) navigated by my friends for life, Chip and Jim Olver. I took so many photos for future work.  I have shared memories that will last forever. 



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5 responses to ““If we are not back by 5:50, call us in.”

  1. Chip Olver

    Lynda – You were so great on the river today. You nailed that draw stroke after the first set of rapids and kept us away from that sweeper – very well done! It was big fun. Chip

  2. Jane Rothschild

    Great pictures and what fun! Do you feel like part of you is back at summer camp? Enjoy it all.

  3. jayne

    Got to give Navarac the credit for your strokes!

  4. Renee

    I cannot begin to fathom the wealth of experiences you are gathering Lynda. The friendships which you have made and I know will forever cherish, the ongoing exposure to new opportunities and challenges, and the magnificent surroundings and stimulus which will most certainly impact your work. The end in sight, must be so sad for you. But I can’t wait to see what the future holds in store for you. I am certain it is great things.
    Miss you… xo

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