Two weeks left

It’s all happening so fast!!  But aside from the long hours in my heavenly studio, surreptitious moments occur – wandering on a trail just outside Banff by myself and coming to the glorious Vermillion Lakes, being included in a Banff family Thanksgiving dinner where the laughter never ended, listening to a fabulous pianist/jazz artist in the dark, hiking down a slope to Bow River never expecting the rapids at my feet, or a tranquil meandering stream with a postcard perfect scene.



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4 responses to “Two weeks left

  1. Jane Trachtenberg

    Sounds like you are taking it all in! The pictures are great. Can’t believe you have been there for 1 month!
    Enjoy, I bet the last two weeks will fly by.
    Was in Mtl, missed seeing you!

  2. Janice Kandestin

    What an exceptional life you are living!!!! Pretty awesome!! Miss you ❤

  3. Barbra Gold

    I love your blog! What an unbelievable experience you are hvaing. I absolutely love the Rockies and all the beauty they bring. Some of your paintings look fabulous even just in the backround. Can’t wait to see everything when you get back. Enjoy the last couple of weeks. xoxo

  4. Ah Lynda… how could it be coming to an end already? I see so much on your studio walls now… how prolific you have been… and how wonderful for me to have met you in the early stages. Love all you have done… and maybe, just maybe, I’ll be in Montreal some day to visit.
    Love, Lesley-Anne

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