Living Artfully

This is what one young artist told me his “project” was.  I think I am already living artfully, so why am I working so hard?  Because it’s heaven in this studio and the paintings and drawings keep coming…  There’s just so much stimulation.   You are never too old to be inspired by every one here even if some of them are half your age.  There is a self confidence, a freedom of expression and an interest in collaboration that I love.  I photographed (for drawings) two wonderful rocker girl musicians, “Mise en Scene”, who debuted some new songs on Indie Band Showcase.  I saw a “boat” made of branches in a clearing, met the artist, and another who had put a piano on an ice field and played.  Imagine!!!  Yet another artist (an M.D. by day) is developing a conceptual piece based on the two sides of the brain as she experiences the same meditative hike for 30 days.  Jeanne K. has exposed me to her wonderfully abstract/but not,  mixed media paintings and installation and video project,  while offering excellent critiques of my work.  Lastly I received the most moving poem from a woman who posed nude for me in the woods.  It will be incorporated into a painting of her….  


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