Work Begins in Earnest

Somehow I have found myself tucked away in my studio in the forest, hours flying by, with no interruption.  Not even music.  I hear the breeze rustling through the trees, the calls of the birds, the tooting of the trains as they pass down in the valley below.  Finding deer just outside my balcony.  The ideas are coming fast and furious, mostly landscapes, dancing Stoney women, and myself, in one painting – trying to make sense of it all.  So much stimulation from artist’s talks about their own work to critiques in my studio (very valuable) to a chance encounters with like minded people but with a different story to tell.



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4 responses to “Work Begins in Earnest

  1. Jane Trachtenberg

    Your new pieces look amazing. I particularly like the landscapes-that’s very different than what you’ve done in the past. Great to hear that you are enjoying the experience. Keep up the great work-can’t wait to see more.

  2. Renee

    And I am loving the images of the dancing Stoney women- your new ballerinas! I can’t wait to check your blog everyday and hear what you are up to. Missing you!

  3. I am loving your support and feedback, Jane and Renee. I am making work that I would not normally do for galleries. Just for me. And trying out new techniques and being inspired by all these young people!! – the kids’ ages really, and so unique and talented and confident in their outlook about their art. I really do wish sometimes that I had gone to the Banff School of Fine Arts, after high school, but it was not in the cards….but it has since changed to be so perfect for me now!! Artist’s heaven…

  4. jayne

    Wow have you been prolific! I love the colours. I love that you are so enjoying the experience. You descirbe how I feel in the country…and why I never want to come back. And by the way, had you gone to school in Banff – you probably wouldn’t be doing the stuff you’re doing now. In fact, at that young age, you might have been slightly intimidated or competitive. Now you can look at things from a grown-up persepective, no conflict, no wondering if you are equal or worse or even better than the others. With a bit of age, you can see things that the young ones can’t and go places they won’t. We are the sum of all of our life experiences…revel in yours without regrets. Love you. me

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