Is Everyone a Genius Here?

A few nights ago, I shared a dining room
table with an Australian Aboriginal author of 26 books, some of which were written to educate about the true history of Australia, a First Nations writer and dance teacher who shared her life story, a very fine intaglio printmaker who suggested I use copper roofing to make my prints, an “installation artist” who is making perfect digital prints of her paintings illustrating the differences and commonalities of two neighboring cultures, not to mention the three others who had tremendous contributions as well.  I also attended an artist’s talk about the conceptualization of the triad of culture, business and politics, as well as inventing a new way of swimming.  What am I doing here??? Oh yes, I am embarking on 8 paintings and 2 drawings about what I am experiencing, and my studio now feels like home.



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3 responses to “Is Everyone a Genius Here?

  1. Janice Kandestin

    Your work looks excellent!!!!

  2. Jane Trachtenberg

    Wow! Sounds like an amazing place. Enjoy it all and take it all in. This is an experience of a life time!

  3. Hey Lynda – don’t forget that you are one of those geniuses too! 🙂 I’m the other genius visual artist in the Gerin-Lajoie studio just up the hill from you. Jennifer is going to link us together sometime today. I’ve been hunkering down, anti-social this week after lots of amazing visitors to the studio. I forward to meeting you. Yeah!

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