Thinking about “my process” at Lake Louise

In Banff Centre-speak, it’s all about envisioning your “process” and then producing the work.  I have always thought of myself as a realist painter since the basic drawing of the piece is what appeals to me the most.  However, I did come with a general idea of being immersed in the scenery here, and exposing myself to the ideas of other artists in all disciplines.  As I was having dinner at a group “Arts” table, I confided my  more specific wish to paint nudes in the landscape and some courageous women agreed to pose for me.  Amazing!!  That “process” was thrilling and resulted in my first paintings.  But it was at the Lake Louise trip, inspired by the “process” of other artists that clearer ideas began to form.  The landscape here.  How can anyone not be moved by it?  The lakes and rivers are turquoise and I happened upon dancers from the Stoney First Nation’s People – flashes of reds and greens and silver.  Week two is beginning and I expect very much of myself…


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