Banff Centre Frenzy and Tunnel Mountain

Today I hiked up a mountain – it was glorious.  But that was only the beginning.  I was given a tour of the Banff Centre (how can everyone be so positively welcoming and kind?) and then the frenzy in my mind began.  I saw theaters for play productions, rehearsals in progress, sound studios, music and television venues, a butterfly garden!!, printmaking and paper making facilities, galleries for contemporary Banff Centre produced art, a huge library, and clever  artistic embellishments where ever you went!!  And then there are lists of shows, artist talks, and activities that I must take advantage of…  I am more confused and overwhelmed than I ever was.  It’s all too much!!!  I am in an artist’s heaven.


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One response to “Banff Centre Frenzy and Tunnel Mountain

  1. jayne

    How about you just breathe.

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